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Arts and Culture in Downtown Oshawa

Tribute Communities Centre

Tribute Communities Centre (formerly The GM Centre)

Oshawa’s Tribute Communities Centre (the former GM Centre) is a multi-purpose arena, home to the beloved Oshawa Generals of the OHL and the Durham TurfDogs of the CLL. With a capacity of 7,300, the stadium is also a destination for popular musicians and comedians. Since opening in 2006, the stadium has hosted legendary artists such as of Elton John, Bob Dylan, John Fogerty Selena Gomez and more. The stadium also features the Oshawa Sports Hall of Fame and a Bar & Grill, making it the ideal destination for an evening an evening on the town.

Oshawa Generals OHL Partnership

Robert McLaughlin Art Gallery

The RMG is a local hotspot for Canadian artists, whether new to the industry up or highly experienced. The gallery is home to an extremely diverse group of contemporary and abstract works making it an exciting place to visit on any given day. The gallery also offers a variety of public and educational programs, an artist-in-residence lab and art studio to name just a few! The RGM is extremely involved in the Oshawa community, hosting events and offering plenty of opportunities to get involved through volunteer work. Choose the RGM for your next go-to spot on a day out!

Ontario Philharmonic

The Ontario Philharmonic is an integral part of Ontario’s musical presence, one which has gained considerable attention and recognition throughout the country. Oshawa is the proud home of one of the Ontario Philharmonic venues, located at the downtown Regent Theatre. The orchestra and conductor have been praised for their unbelievable talent that many have travelled from far and wide to experience firsthand. Here in Oshawa we are lucky to have the Ontario Philharmonic right in our own city and the regent theatre offers the perfect space to experience a night you’re sure never to forget! So, what are you waiting for?

Canadian Automotive Museum

The city of Oshawa has built a legendary name for itself in the automotive industry. It is no surprise therefore, that Oshawa celebrates it heritage and history in this industry by opening up a museum to the public where people are free to go and visit of some of the most incredible cars in Oshawa’s history. Spend the day exploring vintage cars from some of the most influential historical time periods. The museum is home to social events, educational tours and talks, car shows and more. There will always be something new to see or do each time you visit!

Canadian Automotive Museum
Oshawa historic homes

Lakeview Park Historical Buildings

Along the beautiful shores of Lakeview Park beach, lie unique and richly historic buildings open to the public to enjoy and explore. Each building tells a story of Oshawa’s history and the first people to begin establishing the city and leaving their mark. Visit the Henry House or Guy house to learn more about the Pioneers of the city of Oshawa with informative plaques outside each building discussing the significance of each person, their accomplishments and how they contributed to what is now the beautifully established city of Oshawa.

Oshawa Public Library

The Oshawa Public Library is truly a focal point of this amazing city. With a collection over 400,000 items including books, maps, e-readers and more, it is a local go-to spot for many Oshawa residents to catch up on work, start a new book or simply explore. The building is divided into separate and unique wings, each home to a variety of books and information. The Oshawa public library is truly the perfect spot to connect with literature, history and so much more while rediscovering the joys of learning.

oshawa library interior
movie theatre oshawa

Cineplex Odeon Theatres

Enjoy an evening on the town with Cineplex Odeon, in the heart of downtown Oshawa. With beautifully maintained facilities, the latest movies, and perfect late-night night snacks, an evening at the theatre has never been so enjoyable. Choose from a variety of films and show-times that fit your schedule and escape into the world of cinema. Oshawa Cineplex Odeon Theatres offer 5 3D Screens, 1 UltraAVX Screen, 2 party rooms, a Scotiabank ATM and more.

Oshawa Community Museum

Revisit the rich and cultural history of Oshawa at the Oshawa community Museum. The museum takes great pride in its heritage, promoting awareness and appreciation for how the city of Oshawa came to be. From the earliest settlement of the first nation’s people right through to the end of WWII, the Oshawa community museum holds documentation, important artifacts and countless exhibits to help Oshawa residents connect with their past and appreciate how the wonderful city of Oshawa came to be.

Oshawa community museum
Parkwood National Historic site

Parkwood National Historic Site

Travel back in time and experience the wonder and beauty of the Parkwood National Historic Site and pride of Oshawa. The Parkwood estate, once home to R. Samuel McLaughlin, founder of General Motors Canada, has been named one of a few remaining buildings that stands in near perfect condition and truly reflects the types of estates that existed during the inter-war period in the 1920’s and 130’s. The Parkwood estate and surrounding gardens are now open to the public to explore and experience. Be sure to stay up to date on events and activities that run constantly throughout the year.

Ontario Regiment Museum

The Ontario Regiment Museum is home Canada’s largest collection of military vehicles both recent and restored. The museum is constantly hosting exciting events with live demos of the military vehicles and the chance to see them in action up close and personal. Relive the most astonishing and thrilling moments in history with tours and exhibits year round.

Durham Regional Film Festival

In September Durham regional film festival features films from around the world in hopes of sparking interest and growth in the Oshawa film community. Throughout its 3-day duration, the film festival, will offer film screenings, industry mixers and workshops led by successful up and coming artists, both on screen and behind them camera. The film festival, hosted in the Regent Theatre is an opportunity that only comes once a year so you certainly won’t want to miss out!